Leading for Differentiation: Growing Teachers Who Grow Kids by Carol Ann Tomlinson

Leading for Differentiation: Growing Teachers Who Grow Kids

Book Title: Leading for Differentiation: Growing Teachers Who Grow Kids

Publisher: Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development

ISBN: 141662080X

Author: Carol Ann Tomlinson

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Carol Ann Tomlinson with Leading for Differentiation: Growing Teachers Who Grow Kids

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To differentiate instruction is to act on the belief that all kids deserve access to the richest, most compelling learning experiences and to provide the scaffolding they need to seize that opportunity. While a handful of teachers in a school might be using differentiation to great success, it takes a collaborative, schoolwide approach to maximize differentiation s effectiveness and improve outcomes for all students.
Leading for Differentiation lays out the reflective thinking and action-oriented steps necessary to launch a system of continuous professional learning, culture building, and program assessment that will allow differentiation to take root and flourish in every classroom. Incorporating their own experienced insights, real-world examples, and practical tools, world-renowned differentiated instruction expert Carol Ann Tomlinson and change leadership authority Michael Murphy explore
Why a move to schoolwide differentiation makes so much sense for today s students and today s standards- and accountability-focused climate
How to transform a vision for schoolwide differentiation into manageable, year-by-year plans to achieve it
How to incorporate the principles of differentiation, motivation, and adult learning into respectful, responsive, and truly effective professional learning throughout all stages of the change initiative
How to foster and recognize growth in teachers differentiation practices, and how to chart the impact differentiation is having on student learning
How to recognize, understand, and respond to resistance in both its predictable forms and surprising ones
What schoolwide differentiation looks like when it s fully established, and how to tend to it for long-term success
Leading the change to a differentiated school means creating an environment in which each individual feels valued, challenged, supported, and part of a team working together for success. In this book, school leaders will learn how to set the course for positive change and create the structural supports that will help teachers grow as differentiators so that their students will thrive as learners.