Trail Guide To Us Geography Teachers Man by Cindy Wiggers

Trail Guide To Us Geography Teachers Man

Book Title: Trail Guide To Us Geography Teachers Man

Publisher: Geography Matters

ISBN: 1931397198

Author: Cindy Wiggers

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Cindy Wiggers with Trail Guide To Us Geography Teachers Man

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Easy-to-follow resource to teach essential geographical facts and features of each of the 50 U.S. states. Includes 5-minute daily drills, mapping, building a geography notebook, and a wide variety of additional project choices. Student study the 50 states at the rate of about 2 states each week. The literature unit on the Lewis and Clark Expedition (using "The Captain's Dog" by Roland Smith) provides a thrilling way to drive home the relevance of knowing geography.

Students complete assignments by using atlases, outline maps, and other research materials. Incorporating the 5 themes of geography students learn capitals, place location, climate, physical geography, and much more. These simple, yet thorough, assignment choices include: Daily trails for an overview of geography Interesting digging deeper activities Geography through Literature There are a variety of ways to use the three-part manual. Teachers simply select which parts of the book will best meet their needs and objectives. And yes... there are answers in the back of the book!

This interesting approach to teaching makes learning fun and memorable. No student workbook is needed because students will develop their own personal notebooks full of colorful maps, intriguing facts, and surprisingly pertinent information.